Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat in Cambodia
the world's largest religious monument built in the 12th century
now a world heritage site
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Vegetables and Herbs

Daerm Plov Angkeb
Daerm Plov Angk...
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Pset - Oyster Mushroom
Pset - Oyster M...
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Trouy S\\\'umm.jpg Trouy S\'umm
Trouy S\'
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Sleuk Nhor - Noni Leave
Sleuk Nhor - No...
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Ptee Chin - Amaranth Leave
Ptee Chin - Ama...
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 Psett Chambeurng - Straw Mushroom
Psett Chambeur...
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Khmer Traditional Medicine
Khmer Tradition...
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Pek-kuk - Jicama
Pek-kuk - Jicam...
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Sleuk Ampil - young Tamarind Leave.jpg Sleuk Ampil - young Tamarind Leave
Sleuk Ampil - y...
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Lemon Grass Leaves & Stems
Lemon Grass Lea...
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Kra-av Chhouk - Lotus Shoot
Kra-av Chhouk -...
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Meum Chhouk - Lotus Tuber Root.JPG Meum Chhouk - Lotus Tuber Root
Meum Chhouk - L...
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Sleuk Mrum
Sleuk Mrum
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Sleuk Chaplou - Piper Lolot
Sleuk Chaplou -...
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Chii Trachiak Chrouk - Country Borage
Chii Trachiak C...
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Daerm Sleuk Ngub - Star Gooseberry
Daerm Sleuk Ngu...
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Sleuk Bah - climbing vegetable
Sleuk Bah - cli...
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 Daerm Krasaing Teab - Crab Claw Herb or Salad Pepperomia.jpg Daerm Krasaing Teab - Crab Claw Herb or Salad Pepperomia
Daerm Krasaing...
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Trob Put-nhorng Pea Aubergine
Trob Put-nhorng...
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Daerm Prolit - Edible Water Lilly
Daerm Prolit - ...
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