Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat in Cambodia
the world's largest religious monument built in the 12th century
now a world heritage site
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Vegetables and Herbs

Asian Straw Mushrooms
Asian Straw Mus...
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 My Vegetable & Herb Garden
My Vegetable &...
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 Chilli from my garden
Chilli from my...
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Daerm Damlong Mii - Cassava Plant
Daerm Damlong M...
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 Daerm Ponley - Wild Ginger
Daerm Ponley -...
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 Daerm Romdeng - Galanga.jpg Daerm Romdeng - Galanga
Daerm Romdeng ...
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Sleuk Kantraup - Curry Leave
Sleuk Kantraup ...
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Daerm Sleuk Krey - Lemon Grass
Daerm Sleuk Kre...
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Pkar Trakiat or Kamplaok - Aquatic plant
Pkar Trakiat or...
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Daerm Momaenh - Cat Whiskers.jpg Daerm Momaenh - Cat Whiskers
Daerm Momaenh -...
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Daerm Mraeh Prov - Holly Basil
Daerm Mraeh Pro...
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Plae & Sleuk Bah.jpg Plae & Sleuk Bah
Plae & Sleuk Ba...
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Sleuk Teuy - Pandan Leave.JPG Sleuk Teuy - Pandan Leave
Sleuk Teuy - Pa...
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Nonaung Chrung - Angled Luffa
Nonaung Chrung ...
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ChamKar Nonuong Chrung.jpg ChamKar Nonuong Chrung
ChamKar Nonuong...
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Daerm Ptii - Amaranth Plant.jpg Daerm Ptii - Amaranth Plant
Daerm Ptii - Am...
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Banana and Banana Blossom
Banana and Bana...
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Popiey Sbaek - a type of Flat Bean
Popiey Sbaek - ...
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Daerm Chalung Saw - Baselle.jpg Daerm Chalung Saw - Baselle
Daerm Chalung S...
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Onluok Sbay Roeung - Edible Oeillet d\\\'Inde.jpg Onluok Sbay Roeung - Edible Oeillet d\'Inde
Onluok Sbay Roe...
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