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Buddhism in Cambodia:

Story - The Origin of Phnom Penh - The Capital City of Cambodia


Khmer Traditions:

Story - Thunder and Lightning Story -  Praying for Rain during drought

Wedding - Khmer wedding ceremony - Rituals, Buddhism & practice

Story - Tum & Teav - The Cambodian Romeo & Juliet - the Khmer saying: 'Num Min Dell Thom Chieng Neal' or 'A cake is never bigger than the mould'

                                                               that reflects the Khmer tradition at the time. 

Story - The Four Friends Studying the Science of Magic - featured as one of the several rituels in Khmer wedding ceremony

Story - Kansaeng Slar Dorck  or 'Cloth-wrapped Arica Nut & Betel Leaves' - story of a promise between two friends regarding their respective son and daughter

Story - The Groom Holding a Sword - this is another story which is featured as one of the rituels in Khmer wedding ceremony


Khmer Beliefs:

Story - The 100 Pillar Grand Vihara - The story of a novice monk who turned into a crocodile

Story - Khun Chhaang Khun Phaen  or 'Story of Two Men - Chhaang & Phaen' - a love triangle story and Khmer beliefs

Story - Reung Slar Mlou - a legend about the origin of the arica nut tree and the betel leaf wine


True Story:

Story - The Monkey and the Crab - A real life true story



Story - Mia Yeung  or Our Uncle & a Woman with Holes in her Basket  -  featuring a woman's intelligence which could make a huge difference to her husband's life

Story - Sethei & Chh'kae Pram Rooy  or  A Tycoon & his 500 Dogs  -  a moral story supporting a proverb such as 'Look before you leap'

Story - Sattrei Mneak Neung Sat Skaa  or  A Woman & a Mongoose  -  another moral story

Story - Sdach Neung Sat Seik or The King & a Parrot  -  changing circumstances which determined peoples' fate