Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat in Cambodia
the world's largest religious monument built in the 12th century
now a world heritage site
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 Snack - Num Kouchai - Garlic Chive Cakes - Msize Main dish - Aing Ngiet Trei Pra - Grilled Dried Pangasus Fish - see gallery Appetiser - slaab moan Chien - Msize 

Num kou Chai
Vegetarian Garlic Chive Cakes
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Ngiet Trei Pra Chien
Fried Salted Pangasus Fish
Re ...

Slaab Moan Chien
Fried Chicken Wings
Re ...

Snack - Kdaam Srae Chien  Main dish - Khor Sach Ko Main dish - Bangkorng Chien  Tik Sleuk Ktim
Kdaam Srae Chien
Deep Fried Paddy Field Crabs
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Khor Sach Ko
Khmer Beef Stew
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Bangkia Chien & Tik Sleuk Ktim
Fried Tiger Prawns & Spring
Onion Sauce - Re ...
 Main dish - Ragout Sach Ko - Beef Ragout  Fry_-_Chhar_Trakuon_-_edited_-_thumbnail Snack - Num Chak Chholl - Msize 
Ragout Sach Ko
Beef Ragout
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Chhar Tra-kuon & Sieng
Fried Water Spinach & 
 Salted Soya Beans - re ...

Num Chak Chholl
Khmer Rice Cake Puff
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