Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat in Cambodia
the world's largest religious monument built in the 12th century
now a world heritage site
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 Snack - Num Kampuh Chien - Msize Food_-_Stuffed_Omelette_-_thumbnail_e fry_-_Chha_Kdam_-_edited_-_thumbnail 

Num Kampeuh Chien
Baby Shrimp Cakes
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Porng Moan Chien Kchorb Sach
Stuffed Omelette
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 Kdarm Chhar Mrick
 Fried Crab & Fresh Green
Pepper Corns
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Main dish - Lort Chha Main dish - Nataing Banlae - Paprika Coconut Soya mince - thumbnail   Safe Keeping - fry - Chhar Kuy teav - thumbnail

Lort Chha
Stir Fried Khmer Pasta
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 Nataing Banlae
Paprika Soya Mince & Crispy
Rice Cakes - Recipe ...
Chha Kuy Tiev
Khmer Fried Rice Noodles
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 Main dish - Fried Tofu  Beansprouts Appetiser - grill - stuffed chicken wings 4  Main Dish - Sach Moann Chha Knhey - Fried Chicken  Ginger
Chha Tao-hou Sandaek Bandoh
Fried Tofu & Beansprouts
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Slaab Moan Nhort Sach
Stuffed Spicy Chicken Wings
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Sach Moan Chha Knhey
Fried Chicken & Fresh Ginger
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