Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat in Cambodia
the world's largest religious monument built in the 12th century
now a world heritage site
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salad - Plia Kampeus PP - Msize phoca thumb l salad - nhoam kroch tlong - pomelo  pork belly salad  Main dish - Bok Kapi copy
Bok Kampeuh Ampil Kchey
Freshwater Krill Salad
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 Nhoam Kroch Tlong
Pomelo & Pork Salad
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 Bok Kapi Trei Aing
Grilled Fish & Shrimp Paste Dip
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phoca thumb l salad - nhoam peng poh - tomato  grilled fish salad  Dip - Prahok Chhav Jenchramm  Mteh Main dish - Nataing Banlae - Red Soya Mince Coconut - Msize

Nhoam Pengpoh Tum Trei Aing
Tomato & Grilled Fish Salad
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 Tik Prahok & Mteh ChenChramm
Prahok & Hot Chilli Dip
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 Nataing Tao-Hou
Paprika Soya Mince & Crispy
Rice Cakes - Re ...

 Salad - Bok Kampeuh Salad - Plea Trei - MSize Main dish - Prahok Ktih - Msize
 Nhoam Kampeuh Svai Kchey
Baby Shrimps & Green
Mango Salad -
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 Plea Trei
Cambodian Fish Ceviche
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 Prahok Ktih Siemreap
Spicy Coconut Pork Dip
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