Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat in Cambodia
the world's largest religious monument built in the 12th century
now a world heritage site
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 phoca thumb l pickle - chhaithav pa-em - sweet pickled chinese radish Mobile_Fruit_Stall  phoca thumb l kdaam prai - salted sea crabs
Chhey Pov Pa-em
Sweet Preserved Daikon/
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Reteh Plae Chhoeu
Mobile Fruit Stall

Kdarm Praiy
Salted Crabs
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phoca thumb l ngiet trei kanthor phoca thumb l main dish - lhong mamm - green papaya with picled fish
phoca thumb l ngiet trei prar - dried salted fish
Ngiet Trei Kantrobb
Dried Salted Catopra Fish
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Lhong Mamm
Green Papaya Pickled
with Caramelised Fish
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Ngiet Trei Prar
Dried Salted Pengasus Fish
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 phoca thumb l snack - plae kantuot tramm - pickled otaheiti gooseberry phoca thumb l smoked trei riel  prourl  phoca thumb l snack - plae tunlorb kriam - dried sharon fruits
Chruk Plae Kantuot
Pickled Grosella Fruits
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Trei Chha-eur Trei Riel
Smoked Riel Fish
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Plae Tonlorb Kriam
Dried Persimmon/Sharon
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