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How to Prepare Fresh Squids

 scenery - Squid - thumbnail  scenery - Squid - Pulling out Tentacles - thumbnail  scenery - Squid - Pulling out Cartilage - thumbnail
 scenery - squid - cutting off eyes guts - thumbnail  scenery - Squids Beak - to be removed - thumbnail  scenery - Squid - Peeling off Skin - step 1 - thumbnail 2

scenery - squid - cutting into rings - thumbnail 

scenery - squid - scraping off guts - thumbnail   scenery - Squid - crisscross scoring - thumbnail

1. A Fresh squid should have a smell of the sea, bright purplish colour and a beautiful pure white colour under the skin (can be seen by scraping off a bit of the skin)

2. Pull the tentacles away from the body of the squid

3. Remove the quill/cartilage (resembles a shard of transparent plastic) from the body cavity and discard.

4. Cut the eyes (and guts) off the base of the tentacles – and discard

5. Remove the hard beak from the centre of the tentacle base and discard (you may have already cut if off with the eyes)

6. Pull the ears (wing-like flaps) from the body. Peel the purplish skin off the squid body and ears. Rinse inside the body.

7. Pat dry and cut the squid into rings. Keep refrigerated before cooking.

8. Alternatively, cut it open on one side, scrape off any guts that may be left in there, wash, drain and pat dry.

9. Finally, use a sharp knife to score lightly in a criss-cross pattern (ensuring that you don’t cut it through). Then either leave it whole (and marinated for barbecue) or cut into bite size pieces (for stir-frying, soup or Cambodian fondue/chaow-horn). Keep refrigerated. Pat dry the squid before cooking.