Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat in Cambodia
the world's largest religious monument built in the 12th century
now a world heritage site
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Ingredient - Mteh Plaok Kchey  Ingredient - Six types of chillies - Msize Iingredient - Yellow Bell Pepper

Mteh Plaok Kchei

Green Cayenne Pepper

 Seven Types of
Hot Chillies

Mteh Poivron
Bell/Sweet Pepper 

 Ingredient - Yellow Finger Chilli - Msize Ingredient - Drying Chillies  Ingredient - Purple Round Chillies
Mteh Dey Neang Loeung

Yellow Finger Chillies

Haal Mteh
Drying Chillies 
 Mteh Laek Moul
Cherry Purple Chillies
Ingredient - Green Birds Eye Chillies  Ingredient - Purple Jalapeno Chillies - Msize Ingredient - Mteh Kmav

Mteh Chnah Kchei

Green Bird's Eye Chillies


 Mteh Laek Jalapeno
Purple Jalapeno Chillies


Mteh Kmav

Black Chillies