Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat in Cambodia
the world's largest religious monument built in the 12th century
now a world heritage site
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Khmer Dishes

Snack - Num Phimm - Khmer Meringue
Snack - Num Phi...
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Snack - Num Porng Onsorng - Deep Fried Mung Bean Doughnut
Snack - Num Por...
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Snack - Num Prapey-ney - Traditional Cakes
Snack - Num Pra...
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Snack - Num Sambok Charb - Bird Nest Cake
Snack - Num Sam...
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Snack - Num Sesoy - Cream Rice & Caramelised shredded Tender Coconut Meat
Snack - Num Ses...
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Snack - Num Tralaach - Winter Melon Cake
Snack - Num Tra...
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Snack - Trapae Kmav - Sweet Alcoholic Black Sticky Rice
Snack - Trapae ...
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Dessert - Cheik Ktih - Creamy Coconut Banana
Dessert - Cheik...
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Snack or Dessert - Kroch Tlong - Pomelo or Asian Grapefruit Pulps
Snack or Desser...
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Snack - Trapae - Sweet Alcoholic Sticky Rice
Snack - Trapae ...
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Snack or Main - Bai Liing Sach Krork - Fried Rice with Chinese Sausage
Snack or Main -...
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Snack - Porng Aing - Grilled Spicy Eggs
Snack - Porng A...
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Snack - Onsorm Cheik Aing - Grilled Coconut Sticky Rice & Banana
Snack - Onsorm ...
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Snack - Sach Moan Changkak - Chicken Brochette
Snack - Sach Mo...
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Snack - Pot Doh Kambao - Boiled Sweetcorn & Shredded Coconut
Snack - Pot Doh...
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Snack - Plae Kantuot Tramm - Pickled Otaheiti Gooseberry
Snack - Plae Ka...
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Snack - Plae Tunlorb Kriam - Dried Sharon or Persimmon Fruits
Snack - Plae Tu...
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Sweet - Num Akao Tnaot - Palm Fruit Cake
Sweet - Num Aka...
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Sweet - Num Lum-orng Cheik - Caramelised Coconut Meat in Sticky Rice Sheet
Sweet - Num Lum...
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Preserves - Ngiet Trei Roh - Dried Salted Snake-head Fish
Preserves - Ngi...
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