Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat in Cambodia
the world's largest religious monument built in the 12th century
now a world heritage site
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Summ Tae - Khmer Traditional Tea Cosy (made from ripe coconut outer shell)
Summ Tae - Khme...
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Mural at a Kratie Temple Depicting a Scene in Crocodile Nein Thonn Story
Mural at a Krat...
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Coconut Shell Ladles
Coconut Shell L...
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Wood Carving - Royal Palace Roof Edges
Wood Carving - ...
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Mural - Buddha Last Meal - Story of his Reincarnation
Mural - Buddha ...
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Wood Carving - Royal Palace Door
Wood Carving - ...
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Palm Leaf box (for all purposes)
Palm Leaf box (...
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Ang-rutt - Fishing Tool (made of bamboo - diameter around 50cm/2 feet)
Ang-rutt - Fish...
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Chhniang - Fishing Tool (made of bamboo)
Chhniang - Fish...
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La-ei - Bamboo Basket
La-ei - Bamboo ...
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Kanh-chraeng (made of bamboo around 50cm/2 feet diameter for processing rice)
Kanh-chraeng (m...
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Chang-Ei - Flat Bamboo Tray - around 1 meter/3 feet diameter (for processing rice, drying fish, meat, vegetables & fruits)
Chang-Ei - Flat...
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Chang-kraan Oss - Traditional Earthen Stove for Fire-wood
Chang-kraan Oss...
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Chang-kraan Lov - Earthen Stove for Charcoal
Chang-kraan Lov...
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Chhnaing Dei - Earthen Pots (made of baked clay for cooking)
Chhnaing Dei - ...
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Kan-trorng Prahok - Traditional Prahok Strainer (made of bamboo)
Kan-trorng Prah...
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Ambaeng Num Krourk - Earthen Rice Cake Pan
Ambaeng Num Kro...
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Klook Pnorng - Water Containers (made of dried  Chinese bottle-neck gourds)
Klook Pnorng - ...
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Miniature Cyclo - Khmer Rickshaw (propelled by a person pedalling - traditional taxi available only in the Capital)
Miniature Cyclo...
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Craft - Koon Smock - Palm Leaf Jewellery Boxes
Craft - Koon Sm...
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