Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat in Cambodia
the world's largest religious monument built in the 12th century
now a world heritage site
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 Main Dish - Nem Aing - Msize phoca thumb m main dish - bangkorng aing - grilled lobsters copy grill_-_trei_aing_tik_ampil_tum_nung_sdav_-_thumbnail 
Nem Aing
Grilled Meat Ball & Star Fruit
& Green Banana - Re ...

Bangkorng Aing
Grilled Fresh-Water Lobsters
Re ...

 Trei Aing Tik Ampil Tum & Sdav
Grilled Fish & Tamarind Sauce
re ...
phoca thumb l snack - porng aing - grilled spicy eggs  phoca thumb l appetiser - kdarm seh sngao - steamed blue crabs Main Dish - Moeuk Aing - Chargrilled Cuttlefish

Porng Moann Aing
Grilled Spicy Eggs
Re ...

Kdarm Seh Sngao
Boiled Blue Crab & Lime Sauce
Re ...

Moeuk Aing
Grilled Cuttlefish
Re ...
 Food_-_Sorey_Trei_Charb_Chamhuy_-_thumbnail phoca thumb l appetiser - twa ko - beef sausages
Trei Chaab Cham-houy
Steamed Ginger Lemon Sole
re ...
 Twa Ko
Grilled Spicy Beef Sausages
Recipe ...