Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat in Cambodia
the world's largest religious monument built in the 12th century
now a world heritage site
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phoca thumb l trei roh aing - grilled snake-head fish  phoca thumb l angkeb baok - stuffed spicy frogs phoca thumb l main dish - trei chlaunh aing - grilled chlaunh fish  pickles 

Trei Roh Aing Tik Trei Pa-em
Grilled Snake-head Fish &
Sweet Sauce - Re ...

Kangkeb Baob
Grilled Stuffed Spicy Frogs
Recipe ... 

Trei Chloonh Aing & Chruk
Grilled Peacock Eel & Pickles
Re ...
phoca thumb l main dish - bangkorng aing - grilled lobsters copy
 phoca thumb l main dish - amok trei - steamed fish curry
phoca thumb l snack - kyorng sngao - steamed puddy field snails

Bangkorng Aing
Grilled River Lobsters
Re ...

Amok Kroeung Samott
Seafood Curry Steamed in
Banana Cup - Re ...

Kyorng Srae Sngao
Boiled Paddy Field Snails &
Chilli Sauce - Re ...
 phoca thumb l main dish - kroeung knong chrouk - cooked pig offals phoca thumb l main dish - bangkorng aing - grilled giant prawn phoca thumb l snack - num prapey-ney - traditional cakes 
Kroeung Knong Chrouk
Boiled Pork Offals &
Sauce - Re ...
 Bangkorng Aing Num Banh-chok
Grilled River Lobster & Rice
- Re ...
Num Prapey-Ney
Steamed Traditional Cake
Combo - Re ...