Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat in Cambodia
the world's largest religious monument built in the 12th century
now a world heritage site
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Grilled, Baked, Boiled
& Steamed Dishes

 Appetiser - Amok in Artichoke - Msize grill_-_trob_dott_1_-_thumbnail steam_-_tia_tim_-_sorey_edited_-_thumbnail
 Amok Trei
Steamed Fish Curry in
Artichoke - Re ...
Chhar Trob  Dott
Grilled Aubergine with
Fried Pork - Recipe ...

Tia Tim
Baked Stuffed Aromatic Duck
re ...

grill_-_twa_ko_-_thumbnail Snack - Num Kralaan - Coconut Sticky Rice in Bamboo Tubes - Msize phoca thumb l appetiser - amok chhuk - steamed paddy field snail curry

Twa Ko
Khmer Beef Sausages
Recipe ...

Num Kralaan
Coconut Sticky Rice in Bamboo
Tubes -
Re ...

Amok Chouk
Steamed Paddy-Fied Snail
- re ...
steam_-_chav_horn_1_-_thumbnail Main dish - Amok Kroeung Samot Grill_-_Beef_sate_-_thumbnail

Chaow Horn
Khmer Fondue
recipe ...

Amok Kroeung Samot
Steamed Seafood Curry in
Banana Cups - Re ...
Sach Ko Chranourch
Beef Brochette & Mixed 
re ...