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Angkor Wat in Cambodia
the world's largest religious monument built in the 12th century
now a world heritage site
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Sethei & Chhkae Pramm Rooy

 Story of

A Tycoon and Five Hundred Dogs

 Once upon a time, there was an extremely rich tycoon known as ‘Sethei’ who kept five hundred dogs to guard his vast fortune which was stored in an enormous warehouse near his mansion.  He ordered his servants to feed the dogs with lots of meat so they were very strong, and to give them regular training on how to effectively attack any thieves who might attempt to steal from his warehouse. 

Everyone in the region knew about Setheis five hundred strong guard dogs. However, there was a group of five hundred experienced thieves who believed that, as they were armed, they could successfully defeat the five hundred dogs. Totally confident in their ability, the thieves got together and drew up a plan on how they could achieve their aim – stealing all of Sethei’s fortune. 

They fixed the date and time when they would put their plan into action. The main idea was to dig a long tunnel from their secret location to Sethei’s warehouse. Once inside, they would quietly and quickly steal as much as possible, and escape back into the tunnel before the dogs detected them. The tunnel would then be blocked behind them to prevent the dogs from following. 

When the time came, the thieves tunnelled into the warehouse as planned. As they were moving the last of the stolen treasure into the tunnel, they saw the dogs running towards them. The thieves rushed back into the tunnel but didn’t have enough time to block it behind them. As a result, the dogs followed them into the tunnel and killed all of them. As this was happening in the tunnel, no-one outside heard the noise of the fighting between the dogs and the thieves. After fulfilling their duty, the dogs went back to their post. 

The next morning, Sethei went about his business as usual. He went to the warehouse to carry out his daily inspection. Once inside, he was horrified at the state of the warehouse and was furious to find that he had been robbed of all his fortune. He was extremely upset and too over-whelmed by the scene in front of him to notice the hole in the floor amongst all the chaos. In his rage, Sethei thought that his dogs had failed to protect his treasures and ordered that they should all be killed straight away. 

In the days that followed, Sethei mourned his loss and would not talk to anyone. As a result, everything in his household came to a standstill. Many days later, he smelt a terribly strong odour coming from the warehouse. He then ordered his servants to investigate this. Some time later, the servants ran back to Sethei and told him that they had found five hundred corpses together with his treasure in a tunnel leading out from the warehouse. 

At once, Sethei rushed to the warehouse. There in front of his very eyes, he found the five hundred corpses and his fortune inside the tunnel. Mortified and filled with deep regret, he realised what his dogs had done for him. Because of his rage and impulsive behaviour, he had lost his faithful dogs. 


Note: This story forms part of the story of ‘Mea Yeung’ or ‘Our Uncle & a Woman with Holes in her Basket’ - which can be found on the ‘Folk Tales’ page.