Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat in Cambodia
the world's largest religious monument built in the 12th century
now a world heritage site
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 Snack - Num Tralaach - Winter Melon Cake - Msize  Drink - Daung Kchey Dott 2 - Msize
 Snack - Num Chak Chholl - Msize
 Num Tralaach
Coconut Winter Melon Cake
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Tik Daung Kchey Dott
Roasted Young Coconutt

 Num Chak Choll
Puff Palm Sugar Cakes
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 Drink - Pomelo Juice - Msize  Snack - Yellow Watermelon - Msize  Drink - Khmer Tea  Coconut Macaroon - Msize
  Tik Kroch Tlong
Pomelo Juice
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 Plae Ovleuk Loeung
Yellow Watermelon Dessert

 Tae Khmer & Tik Kmon
Khmer Tea & Coconut Macaroon
& Honey

 Sweet - Num Krob Knao - Simulated Jack Fruit Seeds Snack - Num Prapey-ney - Traditional Cakes - Msize   phoca thumb l dessert - lpov ktih - pumpkin pudding

 Num Krob Knao
Mock Sweet Jack Fruit Seeds
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 Num Prapey Ney
Khmer Traditional Cakes
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 Lpov Ktih
Pumpkin & Coconut
Cream Pudding -
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