Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat in Cambodia
the world's largest religious monument built in the 12th century
now a world heritage site
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 Dessert - Babor Paut Plae Mian - Msize  Snack - Nom Korng Chack - Msize  Snack_Sweet_-_Num_Laort_-_thumbnail

Babor Paut Plae Mian
Coconut Sweet Corn & Longan
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Num Korng Chak
Crispy Coconut Rice Florette
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 Num Lort
Pandan Nouilles in
Sweet Coconut Soup
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Snack - Num Sambok Chaab 3  Dessert - Sliced Mango Roses  Snack - Num Sambok Chab

Num Sambok Chaab
Bird's Nest Cake
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 Svai Tum Pka Kolaab
Roses from Mango Slices
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Num Lom-orng Cheik
Caramelised Coconut in
Sticky Rice Wafer - Re ...

Snack - Num Ansorn Knao - Msize   Snack - Num Chakachan  Snack - Num Bak Bin - Baked Coconut Casava Cake

 Num Ansorn Knao
Sticky Rice & Jack Fruit
Cakes -
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 Num Chakachann
Potato Flour Layered Cake
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 Num Bak Bin
Baked Cassava & Coconut
Cream Cake - Re ...