Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat in Cambodia
the world's largest religious monument built in the 12th century
now a world heritage site
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a_-_Mango_Custard_and_Sticky_Rice_in_Coconut_Cream ed_-_Jelly_Moulded_Flowers_-_thumbnail
Snack - Makprav Keo - Coconut Macaroon
Bai Damneub Sangkya Lpov
Sticky Rice Pumpkin
Custard - Re ...

Chahuoy Ktih Daong
 Coconut Jelly & Jelly Flowers
Re ...

Num Mak-prao keo
Khmer Coconut Macaroon
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 Snack - Num Korn - Sweet Dumpling in Banana Leaves - Msize phoca thumb l dessert - charhuoy chaonn - coconut  pandan jelly edited-1  Drink - TikTnaot Chou - Msize
Num Korm
Steamed Stuffed sticky Rice

Re ...
Chahouy Tmor-Dar
Coconut & Pandan Leaf
Re ...
 Tik Tnaot Chou
Khmer Palm Beer
(Fermented Palm Juice)
phoca thumb l drink - tik kroch po-satt - fresh orange juice phoca thumb l drink - kafe tik doh ko -  iced coffee cafe au lait copy phoca thumb l drink - tik daung kchey - fresh coconut water

Tik Kroch Pursat

Fresh Pursat Orange Juice
Re ...


Kafe Tik Dorh Ko

Iced Coffee Milk
Re ...


Tik Daung Kchey

Fresh Coconut Water
Re ...