Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat in Cambodia
the world's largest religious monument built in the 12th century
now a world heritage site
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Angkor Wat carved on a watermelon
Due to its fine and intricate patterns, it took me many days to finish it.
I am pleased with the result despite the fact that I was cross-eyed for a while

         Music_Festival_at_Angkor_Wat_2000x1500            Angkor_Music_Festival_-_thumbnail     


Music Festival at Angkor Wat  


I carved this for a friend's birthday
and you know what, she was thrilled with it.



This life-size shoe, the shoe platform, the rose & leaves, the bowl and
the card are made of chocolate, and of course the chocolate truffles

I know, some of you might think to yourself:  'but, this is not Khmer'. You're absolutely right to have thought so. Chocolaty arts belong to the Western world.  However, I've decided to include it on this website because this work of art was made by me - a Khmer person.  I feel comfortable about it - the same way as some Westerners who have created a website about fruit carvings. As we all know, fruit carvings belong to the Oriental culture. So, it is alright, isn't it,  to have some cultural exchange from time to time. It's about sharing, right? ... as a song goes: 'We are the world ...' 


"Brook House"
The house where my husband was born and brought up in.
I carved this on a watermelon to celebrate his parents' Golden Anniversary.



The Display for  
The Centenary of The United Reformed Church in Fleet, Hamphshire
The doves are carved from Chinese radish (daikon), lanterns and the center piece
are watermelons, and the flowers & leaves are from beetroot, carrot,
kohlrabi, turnip and sweet peppers (bell peppers)