Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat in Cambodia
the world's largest religious monument built in the 12th century
now a world heritage site
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Salad - Plea Trei - MSize

Appetiser - Nhoam Sach Ko - Beef Salad - Msize 

Appetiser - Aing Bangkia Muk Sach Kdaam - Msize

Plea Trei
Khmer Fish Ceviche
  Recipe ...

 Nhoam Sach Ko
Grilled Beef Salad
Re ...

Bangkia Aing Muk Sach Kdaam
Grilled Butterfly Prawn & Crab
Meat Stuffing -
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Appetiser - Stuffed Spicy Frogs - thumbnail 

Kangkeb Baob
Stuffed Spicy Frogs
Recipe ...

Twa Ko
Spicy Beef Sausages
recipe ...

Amok Chouk
Steamed Snail Curry
recipe ...

phoca thumb l snack - num akao - steamed rice cake  shredded coconut

phoca thumb l snack or main - bai liing - fried rice with chinese sausage edited-1

phoca thumb l snack - num banhchok tik trei - gallery

Num Akao
Steamed Creamy Rice Cakes
Recipe ...

Bai Liing Sach Krork
Egg Fried Rice with Chinese
Sausage -
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Num Banh-chok Tik Trei
Rice Noodles & Fried Beef
with Onion -
Re ...